Haiti Ultra Run


The Haiti Ultra Run is our premier event! Take advantage of the opportunity to experience the beauty of Haiti on this three-day run from Port-au-Prince to Jacmel. Enjoy 15,000 ft of elevation change and countless challenges during this epic experience.

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Event details and schedule

The Haiti Ultra Run is a three-day stage run. Each day features unique challenges and opportunities for exploring the beauty of Haiti.

Day One (17 miles/27 kilometers, approx 6,000 ft of ascent)

Runners will begin adjacent to the National Palace in Port-au-Prince, ascending the mountains that lead up to Kenscoff and Furcy. While the first 4.5 miles of the day are in the city, runners will quickly escape the stiffling heat and suffocating fumes of Port-au-Prince traffic. The climb up Mt. Noir is challenging for even the strongest runners. Luckily, once you reach the forests near Obleon, it's all downhill to your endpoint at The Lodge in Furcy.

Course Map: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/gp/bookmark/view/id/7102886


Day Two (15.6 miles/25 kilometers, approx 10,000 ft in elevation change)

Runners begin the day under the cover of trees in Furcy and then set off along a mountain path that features gorgeous views and challenging terrain. The mountain path encompasses about the first 10 miles of the run. Once runners complete the final ascent up Mt. Kayjak, the National Forest in Parc Lavisite awaits. Runners will follow the road for about three miles before exiting in the mountains above Seguin. Everybody will regroup at this point and run along single-track trails to the Humanity First/Bon Samaritan School, where we will be staying for the night. There will be food, dancing, and celebration!

Course Map: http://gmap-pedometer.com/gp/bookmark/view/id/7101614


Day Three (22 miles/35.5 kilometers, approx 6,000 ft of descent)

Perhaps the most challenging day of the three-day event, runners will begin at the Bon Samaritan school and leave Seguin. The route is rocky and almost-entirely downhill. Peredo is at the bottom of the descent. Here, runners will have the opportunity to cross the river via a new bridge or just run straight through. The final six miles are along the Caribbean coastline. But, don't be fooled: these miles are tough! The heat is a formidable opponent. Run Haiti staff and volunteers will work hard to keep runners hydrated during these final few miles. The finish line is just across the street from Hotel Kabic. To end the race, runners will break the finishing tape and run straight into the Caribbean.

Course Map: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/gp/bookmark/view/id/7101300

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