Board of Directors


Kyle Denison Martin joined the Run Haiti team in 2012 after participating in the inaugural Haiti Ultra Run. Kyle is an Emergency Medicine physician in Providence, Rhode Island. He has been traveling to Haiti for more than 20 years. When he isn’t running or working, Kyle is spending time with his wife and his dog.


Ellie Ostrand (Pictured on the right) is one of the newest members of the Run Haiti Team.  She joined in March of 2017 after working as a physical therapist in the Clinic St. Espirit in Croix des Bouquets Haiti.  This clinic is one of the recipients of funds raised by the Run Haiti events.  While not a born runner Ellie was drawn to the group because of their dedication to sharing a love of exercise and healthy habits in Haiti.  Ellie is travelling physical therapist with an addiction to sand volleyball and playing in the outdoors.


Deke Bowman joined the Run Haiti team in March 2017 after running the 3rd 20k event. He is an avid runner that prefers the mid-day heat and chaotic streets of Port au Prince to the clean comfort of the gym. First coming to Haiti in 2013 he keeps finding himself back working with different organizations and companies as an optimist who loves a good puzzle or problem to solve. 


Erin Cottos is a co founder of Run Haiti. Helped establish in 2012 when her and Jeanie Belli decided it would be fun to run across Haiti before leaving the island after living there 19 months. After the inaugural trek with some friends was a huge success, we decided to start a non profit and have watched it grow ever since. Erin is the Director of Rehabilitation at Haiti Medical Missions of Memphis clinic in Croix des Bouquet, Haiti. Erin enjoys running, hiking, traveling and any outdoor play she can find.


Olaf Schulz joined the Run Haiti team in 2012 after participating in the inaugural Haiti Ultra Run. Olaf is a biomedical engineer in Memphis, Tennessee, specializing in orthopedics and hernia repair. He is an avid runner and is a member of the Breakaway Running and Los Locos racing teams.


Advisory Board


Clayton Bell, Board of Advisors

Charlie Duke, Board of Advisors

Jeanie Zelinski, Co-Founder

Christophe Block, Board of Advisors